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51. Analíticos  

Scenario planning for tourism management: a participatory and system dynamics model applied to the Galapagos Islands of Ecuador / Francesco Pizzitutti [et al.]

52. Analíticos  

The beach as a strategic element of governance for Spanish coastal towns / Josep-Francesc Valls [et al.]

53. Analíticos  

A framework of memory management and tourism experiences / Vincent Wing Sun Tung [et al.]

54. Analíticos  

An exploratory study of factors that exhibition organizers look for when selecting convention and exhibition centers / Hwabong Lee and Jin-Soo Lee

Autor: Hwabong, Lee

55. Analíticos  

I will never go to Hong Kong again! How the secondary crisis communication of "Occupy Central" on Weibo shifted to a tourism boycott / Qiuju Luo and Xueting Zhai

Autor: Qiuju, Luo

56. Analíticos  

Network, knowledge and relationship impacts on innovation in tourism destinations / Florian J. Zach and T. L. Hill

Autor: Zach, Florian

57. Analíticos  

Visitors' satisfaction at managed tourist attractions in Northern Norway: Do on-site factors matter / Oystein Jensen, Yuan Li and Muzaffer Uysal

Autor: Jensen, Oystein

58. Analíticos  

Structured inter-network collaboration: Public participation in tourism planning in Southern China / Dan Lin and David Simmons

Autor: Dan, Lin

59. Analíticos  

A phenomenological explication of guanxi in rural tourism management: A case study of a village in China / Xiaoqing Chen

Autor: Xiaoqing, Chen

60. Analíticos  

Management challenges with the maintenance of tourism experience concept innovations: Toward a new research agenda / Dorthe Eide, Lars Fuglsang and Jon Sundbo

Autor: Eide, Dorthe