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41. Analíticos  

An analysis of international employment levels in hospitality occupations using secondary statistics / Anna Koens and Roy C. Wood

Autor: Koens, Anna

42. Analíticos  

Tourist municipalities and local political corruption / Juan Luis Jiménez, Gustavo Nombela and Ancor Suárez-Alemán

Autor: Jiménez, Juan-Luis

43. Analíticos  

Long memory behavior in Singapore's tourism market / Mohammad Al-Shboul and Sajid Anwar

Autor: Al-Shboul, Mohammad

44. Analíticos  

The contribution of human migration to tourism: the VFR travel between the EU28 member states / Davide Provenzano and Rodolfo Baggio

Autor: Provenzano, Davide

45. Analíticos  

VFR tourism and the tourist gaze: overseas migrant perceptions of home / Wei-Jue Huang, Brian King and Wantanee Suntikul

Autor: Wei-Jue, Huang

46. Analíticos  

Ecosystem services provision, tourism and climate variability in shallow lakes: the case of La Salada, Buenos Aires, Argentina / Mariana I. Zilio [et al.]

47. Analíticos  

Casino tourism, economic inequality, and housing bubbles / Xinhua Gu [et al]

48. Analíticos  

Managing the experience co-creation process in tourism destinations: Empirical findings from Naples / P. Buonincontri [et al.]

49. Analíticos  

Reframing tourism distribution - Activity theory and Actor-Network / Matias Thuen Jorgensen

Autor: Jorgensen, Matias Thuen

50. Analíticos  

Typography in destination advertising: An exploratory study and research perspectives / Jennifer Amar, Olivier Droulers and Patrick Legohérel

Autor: Amar, Jennifer