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91. Analíticos  

Community perceptions to place attachment and tourism development in Finnish Lapland / Eva Kaján

Autor: Kaján, Eva

92. Analíticos  

Social movements and tourism-related local action / Nancy Gard McGehee, Carol Kline, Whitney Knollenberg

Autor: McGehee, Nancy G.

93. Analíticos  

"Café croquis" à La Rochelle. Analyser l'image de marque territoriale à travers une "animation" ludique / Véronique Seel, Camille Chamard

Autor: Seel, Véronique

94. Analíticos  

Exploring tourism as a potencial development strategy for an aartisanal fishing community in the Philippines: the case of barangay victory in Bolinao / Brooke A. Porter, Mark B. Orams

Autor: Porter, Brooke A.

95. Monografias  

Património, ruralidade e turismo: etnografias de Portugal Continental e dos Açores / Luís Silva

Autor: Silva, Luís Data Publicação: 2014

96. Analíticos  

Tourism geography research in China: institutional perspectives on community tourism development / Honggang Xu, Chaozhi Zhang, Alan A. Lew

Autor: Honggang, Xu

97. Analíticos  

Tourism and the “villagers without history”: the case of Yubeng / Xiaoming Zhang

Autor: Xiaoming, Zhang

98. Analíticos  

Cultural impact of modernization and tourism on Dai villages in Xishuangbanna, China / Likun Chen

Autor: Likun, Chen

99. Analíticos  

Tourism development, rights consciousness and the empowerment of Chinese historical village communities / Shixiu Weng, Hua Peng

Autor: Shixiu, Weng

100. Analíticos  

Measuring sustainable tourism at the municipal level / Anna Torres-Delgado, Francesc López Palomeque

Autor: Torres-Delgado, Anna