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91. Monografias  

Taiwan guide / Taiwan Visitors Association

Data Publicação: 1961

92. Monografias  

Taiwan travel guide : Isle beautiful by the China sea Republic of China / Tourism Council Republic of China

Data Publicação: 19--

93. Analíticos  

Taiwan and the tourist life cycle / Sandro Formica

Autor: Formica, Sandro

94. Analíticos  

Comparative evolutionary trends in environmental policy: reflections on tourism development / Atsukuro Hashimoto

Autor: Hashimoto, Atsuko

95. Analíticos  

Taiwan outbound / Murray Bailey

Autor: Bailey, Murray

96. Analíticos  

Marketing Hong Kong to the taiwanese visitors / Rob Law, Norman Au

Autor: Law, Rob

97. Analíticos  

The evaluation of airline service quality by fuzzy MCDM / Sheng-Hshiung Tsaur, Teyi Chang, Chang-Hua Yen

Autor: Tsaur, Sheng-Hshiung

98. Analíticos  

Current situation and prospects for the use of information technology in the Asia-Pacific Region / Youn-Taek Lee

Autor: Lee, Youn-Tack

99. Analíticos  

Hong Kong and Taiwan outbound / Murray Bailey

Autor: Bailey, Murray

100. Analíticos  

Taiwan / Murray Bailey

Autor: Bailey, Murray