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31. Analíticos  

The support of attendees for tourism development: evidence from religious festivals, Taiwan / Tsung Hung Lee, Chung-Jen Fu, Pei-Shiang Chang

Autor: Tsung-Hung, Lee

32. Analíticos  

The state of tourism geography education in Taiwan: a content analysis / Guosheng Han, Pin Ng, Yingjie Guo

Autor: Han, Guosheng

33. Analíticos  

An examination of Taiwan destination brand sssociations: from the perspective of mainland chinese Tourists / Zhuowei (Joy) Huang, Mimi Li & Qian Li

Autor: Huang, (Joy) Zhuowei

34. Analíticos  

Differences in tourist attitude and behavior between mainland chinese and taiwanese tourists / Samuel Seongseop Kim, Yim King Penny Wan, Steve Pan

Autor: Kim, Samuel Seongseop

35. Analíticos  

The influence of recreation experiences on environmentally responsible behavior: the case of Liuqiu Island, Taiwan / Tsung Hung Lee, Fen-Hauh Jan, Guan Wei Huang

Autor: Tsung-Hung, Lee

36. Analíticos  

How personality and risk-taking attitude affect the behavior of adventure recreationists / Tsung Hung Lee, Chang Hao Tseng

Autor: Tsung-Hung, Lee

37. Analíticos  

Drivers of Taiwan’s tourism market cycle / Ming-Hsiang Chen, Chien-Pang Lin, Brendan T. Chen

Autor: Ming-Hsiang , Chen

38. Analíticos  

Building a total customer experience model: applications for the travel experiences in Taiwan’s creative life industry / Shu-Hua Chang, Rungtai Lin

Autor: Shu-Hua, Chang

39. Analíticos  

The influence of recreation experience and environmental attitude on the environmentally responsible behavior of community-based tourists in Taiwan / Tsung Hung Lee, Fen-Hauh Jan

Autor: Tsung-Hung, Lee

40. Analíticos  

Analysis of the economic impact of meteorological disasters on tourism: the case of typhoon Morakot's impact on the Maolin National Scenic Area in Taiwan / Tzu-Ming Liu

Autor: Tzu-Ming, Liu