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61. Analíticos  

Energy saving and carbon reduction management indicators for natural attractions: a case study in Taiwan / Jeou-Shyan Horng [et al.]

62. Analíticos  

Risks and benefits of outsourcing hotel operations: a comparison between Scotland and Taiwan / Tomás F.Espino-Rodríguez, Pei Chun Lai, Tom Baum

Autor: Espino-Rodriguez, Tomás F.

63. Analíticos  

Research note: Cash holding and firm value: the case of Taiwan's tourism industry / Shr-Wei Kao

Autor: Shr-Wei, Kao

64. Analíticos  

Business diversification in the hotel industry: a comparative advantage analysis / Chia-Yu Yeh, Chiang-Ming Chen, Jin-Li Hu

Autor: Chia-Yu, Yeh

65. Analíticos  

Information searching and the travel behaviours of MICE travellers: a cross-cultural study / Che-Chao Chiang, Brian Edward King, Thu-Huong Nguyen

Autor: Che-Chao, Chiang

66. Analíticos  

Applying a New Model of Customer Value on International Air Passengers' Market in Taiwan / Wen-Yu Chiang

Autor: Wen-Yu, Chiang

67. Analíticos  

Developing Taiwan into the tourist transport centre of East Asia / Chun-An Chen, Hsien-Li Lee

Autor: Chun-An, Chen

68. Analíticos  

Taiwan's international tourism: a time series analysis with calendar effects and joint outlier adjustments / Hui-Lin Lin [et al]

69. Analíticos  

Tourist behavioural intentions in relation to service quality and customer satisfaction in Kinmen National Park, Taiwan / Chien Min Chen [et al]

70. Analíticos  

Rukai indigenous tourism: Representations, cultural identity and Q method / William Cannon Hunter

Autor: Hunter, William Cannon