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71. Analíticos  

Tourism climate information based on human thermal perception in Taiwan and Eastern China / Tzu-Ping Lin, Andreas Matzarakis

Autor: Tzu-Ping, Lin

72. Analíticos  

The impact of product placement on TV-induced tourism: Korean TV dramas and Taiwanese viewers / Hung Jen Su [et al.]

73. Analíticos  

Influence of uncertain demand on product variety: evidence from the international tourist hotel industry in Taiwan / Chiang-Ming Chen, Chia-Yu Yeh, Jin-Li Hu

Autor: Chiang-Ming, Chen

74. Analíticos  

Carbon dioxide emissions from transport in Taiwans' national parks / Tzu-Ping Lin

Autor: Tzu-Ping, Lin

75. Analíticos  

An earthquake disaster management mechanism based on risk assessment information for the tourism industry a case study from the island of Taiwan / Chung-Hung Tsai, Cheng-Wu Chen

Autor: Chung, Hun Lee

76. Analíticos  

Developing an evaluation model for destination attractiveness: sustainable forest recreation tourism in Taiwan / Cheng-Fei Lee, Hsun-I Huang, Huery-Ren Yeh

Autor: Cheng-Fei, Lee

77. Analíticos  

Role of tourism in connecting Taiwan and China: assessing tourists' perpecptions of the Kinmen-Xiamen links / Chien-Min Chen

Autor: Chien-Min, Chen

78. Analíticos  

Assessing visitors' experiences at hot spring recreation areas in Taiwan / Tsung-Hung Lee

Autor: Tsung-Hung, Lee

79. Analíticos  

The impact of crisis events and macroeconomic activity on Taiwan's international inbound tourism demand / Yu-Shan Wang

Autor: Yu-Shan, Wang

80. Analíticos  

Tourism as a sustainable livehood strategy / Teresa C. H. Tao, Geoffrey Wall

Autor: Tao, Teresa C. H.