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41. Analíticos  

Relationships among perceived value, satisfaction, and loyalty: community-based ecotourism in Korea / Kyung-Hee Kim, Duk-Byeong Park

Autor: Kim, Kyung-Hee

42. Analíticos  

Multilevel analysis of the relationship between type of travel, online ratings, and management response: empirical evidence from international upscale hotels / Sai Liang, Markus Schuckert and Rob Law

Autor: Liang, Sai

43. Analíticos  

Role of food neofilia in food market tourists' motivational construct: the case of La Boqueria in Barcelona, Spain / Darko Dimitrovski and Montserrat Crespi-Vallbona

Autor: Dimitrovski, Darko

44. Analíticos  

Service failure of intermediary service: impact of ambiguous locus of control / Bo Youn Lee and David A. Cranage

Autor: Lee, Bo Youn

45. Analíticos  

Resort hotel service performance (RESERVE) - an instrument to measure tourists' perceived service performance of resort hotels / Faizan Ali, Kashif Hussain and Kisang Ryu

Autor: Ali, Faizan

46. Analíticos  

The effect of airport atmospherics on satisfaction and behavioral intentions: testing the moderating role of perceived safety / Hyoungeun Moon, Hae Jin and Heesup Han

Autor: Moon, Hyoungeun

47. Analíticos  

Modelling the relationship between attribute satisfaction, overall satisfaction, and behavioural intentions in Australian ski resorts / John Hall, Barry O'Mahony and John Gayler

Autor: Hall, John

48. Analíticos  

Customer satisfaction in portuguese Hotels: evidence for different regions and hotel segments / Luís Pacheco

Autor: Pacheco, Luís

49. Analíticos  

An assessment of Zoo visitors' revisit intentions / Hung-Che Wu, Ching-Chan Cheng and Wien Hong

Autor: Hung-Che, Wu

50. Analíticos  

The role of intrinsic in-flight cues in relationship quality and behavioural intentations: segmentation in less mindful and mindful passengers / Sandra Maria Correia Loureiro and Ana Filipa Fialho

Autor: Loureiro, Sandra Maria Correia