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71. Analíticos  

Holiday recovery experiences, tourism satisfaction and life satisfaction - Is there a relationship? / Chun-Chu Chen, Wei-Jue Huang, James F. Petrick

Autor: Chun-Chu, Chen

72. Analíticos  

Make a customer, not a sale: tourist satisfaction in Hong Kong / Elizabeth Agyeiwaah [et al.]

73. Analíticos  

The effect of physical environment on passenger delight and satisfaction: Moderating effect of national identity / Faizan Ali, Woo Gon Kim, Kisang Ryu

Autor: Ali, Faizan

74. Analíticos  

Food-related personality traits and the moderating role of novelty-seeking in food satisfaction and travel outcomes / Mingjie Ji [et al.]

75. Analíticos  

The effect of co-creation experience on outcome variable / Elaine F. Mathis [et al.]

76. Analíticos  

Tourists' responses to humour / Anja Pabel, Philip L. Pearce

Autor: Pabel, Anja

77. Analíticos  

Why do online tourists need sellers' ratings? Exploration of the factors affecting regretful tourist e-satisfaction / Aihua Tseng

Autor: Aihua, Tseng

78. Analíticos  

Solo holiday travellers: motivators and drivers of satisfaction and dissatisfaction / Constanza Bianchi

Autor: Bianchi, Constanza

79. Analíticos  

The influence of holidays on wine purchasing behaviour: marketing and tourism insights based on a holiday experience in Greece / Eleftherios Alamanos, Sharron Kuznesof and Christopher Ritson

Autor: Alamanos, Eleftherios

80. Analíticos  

Up in smoke? The impact of smog on risk perception and satisfaction of international tourists in Beijing / Jing Li [et al.]