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401. Analíticos  

Tourisme, sport et culture / Josep Kurtzman

Autor: Kurtzman, Josep

402. Analíticos  

The China outbound market: an evaluation of key constraints and opportunities / Li Zhou, Brian King and Lindsay Turner

Autor: Zhou, Li

403. Analíticos  

Vendre la destination France via les agences de voyages: l'exemple du Var / Catherine Aiello

Autor: Aiello, Catherine

404. Analíticos  

Identifying the vacation travel innovator / Ronald E. Goldsmith and Stephen W. Litvin

Autor: Goldsmith, Ronald E.

405. Analíticos  

Service quality evaluation at events through service mapping / Donald Getz, Martin O'Neill, Jack Carlsen

Autor: Getz, Donald

406. Analíticos  

The science and practice of persuasion / Robert B. Cialdini, Noah J. Goldstein

Autor: Cialdini, Robert B.

407. Analíticos  

Involvement: travel motivation and destination selection / Bharath M. Josiam, George Smeaton, Christine Clements

Autor: Josiam, Bharath M.

408. Analíticos  

Learning about tourists from conversations: the over-55s in Majorca / Chris Ryan

Autor: Ryan, Chris

409. Analíticos  

Selecting tourist traffic by demarketing / M. A. Clements

Autor: Clements, M. A.