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1. Analíticos  

Cognition of disaster risk in a tourism community: an agricultural heritage system perspective / Yehong Sun [et al.]

COTA(S): RE-926

2. Analíticos  

The almost imperceptible impact of tourism research on policy and pratice / Rhodri Thomas and Neil Ormerod

Autor: Thomas, Rhodri

COTA(S): RE-1193

3. Analíticos  

Tourism's lost leaders: analysing gender and performance / Annette Pritchard and Nigel Morgan

Autor: Pritchard, Annette

COTA(S): RE-1253

4. Analíticos  

Performing colonisation: the manufacture of Black female bodies in tourism research / Emma Lee

Autor: Lee, Emma

COTA(S): RE-1253

5. Analíticos  

The politics of knowledge as a tourist attraction / Celine Travesi

Autor: Travesi, Celine

COTA(S): RE-1253

6. Analíticos  

The mediating roles of the overall perceived value of the ecotourism site and attitudes towards ecotourism in sustainability through the key relationship ecotourism knowledge-ecotourist satisfaction / M. Angeles Oviedo-García [et al.]

COTA(S): RE-1610

7. Analíticos  

Knowledge sharing between academic researchers and tourism practitioners: a Japanese study of the practical value of embeddedness, trust and co-creation / Yukari Higuchi and Yasuhiro Yamanaka

Autor: Higuchi, Yukari

COTA(S): RE-926

8. Analíticos  

The use of intelligence in tourism destination management: an emerging role for DMOs / Loen Sheehan [et al.]

COTA(S): RE-1610

9. Analíticos  

Lithuanian genocide heritage as discursive formatiom / A. Craig Wight

Autor: Wight, A. Craig

COTA(S): RE-1253

10. Analíticos  

Investigating the efectiveness of repositioning strategies: The customers / Chrystal Zhang, Yi Hsin Lin and David G. Newman

Autor: Chrystal, Zhang

COTA(S): RE-1562