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1. Analíticos  

Visitor economic impact estimates of Garrett County, Maryland / Jinyang Deng, Kathryn Gazal, Steven Selin

Autor: Deng, Jinyang

2. Analíticos  

Economic policy uncertainty and tourism demand: empirical evidence from the USA / Giray Gozgor and Serdar Ongan

Autor: Gozgor, Giray

3. Analíticos  

Are sustainable tourists a higher spending market? / Norma Polovitz Nickerson, Jake Jorgenson, B. Bynum Boley

Autor: Nickerson, Norma Polovitz

4. Analíticos  

El sector turístico español: situación actual perspectivas de futuro / Yigal Montejo Bujan [et al.]

5. Analíticos  

An analysis on travel party composition and expenditure: a discrete-continuous model / Taha H. Rashidi, Tay T.R. Koo

Autor: Rashidi, Taha H.

6. Analíticos  

Low-cost travel and tourism expenditures / Juan L. Eugenio-Martin, Federico Inchausti-Sintes

Autor: Eugenio-Martin, Juan L.

7. Analíticos  

Optimizing or maximizing growth? A challenge for sustainable tourism / Stefan Gössling [et al.]

8. Analíticos  

Tourists' expenditure behaviour: the influence of satisfaction and the dependence of spending categories / Marta Disegna and Linda Osti

Autor: Disegna, Marta

9. Analíticos  

The determinants of Norwegians' summer tourism expenditure: foreign and domestic trips / Christer Thrane

Autor: Thrane, Christer

10. Analíticos  

Analysing expenditure of same-day visitors in cave tourism: the case of Turkey / Hasan Akca, Murat Sayili and Reyhan Cafri

Autor: Akca, Hasan