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301. Analíticos  

Computer reservation systems and public tourist offices / Gilbert Archdale

Autor: Archdale, Gilbert

302. Analíticos  

Video strategies used by tour operators : what is really communicated? / Monica Hanefors, Lena Larsson

Autor: Hanefors, Monica

303. Analíticos  

Pratical environmental policies in travel and tourism-part II : airlines, tour operators and destinations / Victor Middleton T.C., Rebecca Hawkins

Autor: Middleton, Victor T.C.

304. Analíticos  

Panorama de l'offre / Édith Fagnoni

Autor: Fagnoni, Édith

305. Analíticos  

Training for the UK tour operating industry : advancing current practice / S. Collins, A.E. Sweeney, A.G. Geen

Autor: Collins, S.

306. Analíticos  

Environmental guidelines for tourism in Antarctica / Jhon Splettstoesser, Melissa C. Folks

Autor: Splettstoesser, Jhon

307. Analíticos  

Managing Antarctic tourism : a front-burner issue / Peter J. Beck

Autor: Beck, Peter J.

308. Analíticos  

Occasional studies : who owns whom in the European travel trade / Marion Bywater

Autor: Bytwater, Marion

309. Analíticos  

Packaging dreams canadian tour operators at work / Gwen Dianne Reimer

Autor: Reimer, Gwen Dianne

310. Analíticos  

Travel & tourism analyst database : the travel and tourism industry in Austria