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371. Analíticos  

Presentation on world heritage in the age of tourism / Feng Jing

Autor: Jing, Feng

372. Analíticos  

Financial leakages from tourism, evelaution and policy issues for LDCs / Ellen Pérez-Ducy de Cuello

Autor: Cuello, Ellen Pérez-Ducy de

373. Analíticos  

Tourism and sustainable development in the LDCs / Fernado Prasts P.

Autor: P., Fernando Prats

374. Analíticos  

The sustainability of International tourism in developing countries / David Díaz Benavides

Autor: Benavides, David Díaz

375. Analíticos  

Tourism and the general agreement on trade in services (GATS) / Dale Honeck

Autor: Honeck, Dale

376. Analíticos  

Marketing-channel relationships : Turkey's resort purveyors' interactions with international tour operators / Kurtulus Karamustafa

Autor: Karamustafa, Kurtulus

377. Analíticos  

Industrial organization and competition in the U.K. tour operator-travel agency business, 1989-1993: an econometric investigation / Brian Davies, Paul Downward

Autor: Davies, Brian

378. Analíticos  

Italy / Macy Marvel

Autor: Marvel, Macy

379. Analíticos  

Changing attitudes to mass tourism products - the UK outbound market perspective / Sandra Carey, Yani Gountas

Autor: Carey, Sandra

380. Analíticos  

Outbound markets: Italy outbound / Marion Bywater

Autor: Bywater, Marion