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1. Analíticos  

Propositions for testing social exchange theory in the context of ceasing leisure participation / Mark S. Searle

Autor: Searle, Mark S.

2. Analíticos  

As tactilidades sociais: mediações sensitivas de vida e ou de reflexão? / Pedro de Andrade

Autor: Andrade, Pedro de

3. Analíticos  

Leisure attitude, leisure satisfaction, and perceived freedom in leisure wthin family dyads / K. L. Siegenthaler, Irma O'Dell

Autor: Siegenthaler, K. L.

4. Analíticos  

Commentary: tourism research and social theory - expanding the focus / Jeffrey B. Davis

Autor: Davis, Jeffrey B.

5. Analíticos  

Wildlife tourism, science and actor network theory / Kate Rodger

Autor: Rodger, Kate

6. Analíticos  

Current sociological theories and issues in tourism / Erik Cohen, Scott A. Cohen

Autor: Cohen, Erik

7. Analíticos  

L'aide au départ en vacances : Une question politique / Luc Greffier, Aurélie Carimentrand

Autor: Greffier, Luc

8. Analíticos  

Rural residents' perceptions toward tourism development: a study from Iran / Gholamhosssein Abdollahzadeh, Abolqasem Sharifzadeh

Autor: Abdollahzadeh, Gholamhosssein

9. Analíticos  

Social movements and tourism-related local action / Nancy Gard McGehee, Carol Kline, Whitney Knollenberg

Autor: McGehee, Nancy G.

10. Analíticos  

Tourism development and trust in local government / Robin Nunkoo

Autor: Nunkoo, Robin

11. Analíticos  

Moral assemblages of volunteer tourism development in Cusco, Peru / Elisa Burrai, Mary Mostafanezhad and Kevin Hannam

Autor: Burrai, Elisa

12. Analíticos  

'The white woman's burden' - the racialized, gendered politics of volunteer tourism / Ranjan Bandyopadhyay and Vrushali Patil

Autor: Bandyopadhyay, Ranjan

13. Analíticos  

The value-belief-emotion-norm model: investigating customers' eco-friendly behavior / Heesup Han, Jinsoo Hwang and Myong Jae Lee

Autor: Han, Heesup

14. Analíticos  

Personal values and the theory of planned behaviour: A study of values and holiday trade-offs in young adults / Sheng Ye [et al.]

15. Analíticos  

The relevance of practice theories for tourism research / Machiel Lamers, René van der Duim and Gert Spaargaren

Autor: Lamers, Machiel

16. Analíticos  

ANT: a decade of interfering with tourism / René van der Duim, Carina Ren and Gunnar Thór Jóhannesson

Autor: Duim, René van der

17. Analíticos  

Elaborating on grounded theory in tourism research / Xavier Matteucci and Juergen Gnoth

Autor: Matteucci, Xavier

18. Analíticos  

Knowledge sharing among tourists via social media: a comparison between facebook and tripadvisor / Shintaro Okazaki, Luisa Andreu and Sara Campo

Autor: Okazaki, Shintaro

19. Analíticos  

Core self-evaluations and residents' support for tourism: perceived tourism impacts as mediators / Zibin Song, Stephen Pratt and Yutian Wang

Autor: Song, Zibin

20. Analíticos  

Managing customer citizenship behaviour: the moderating roles of employee responsiveness and organizational reassurance / Vincent Wing Sun Tung, Po-Ju Chen and Markus Schuckert

Autor: Tung, Vincent Wing Sun