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21. Analíticos  

Mountain areas and visitor usage - motivations and determinants of satisfaction: the case of Pirongia Forest Park, New Zealand / Steve Pan, Chris Ryan

Autor: Ryan, ChrisPan, Steve

22. Analíticos  

Visitor motivation, satisfaction and behavioural intention: the 2005 Naadam Festival, Ulaanbaatar / Peter Schofield, Karen Thompson

Autor: Schofield, Peter

23. Analíticos  

Travel motivations of Japanese senior travellers to Thailand / Aswin Sangpikul

Autor: Sangpikul, Aswin

24. Analíticos  

Understanding the motivation of travelers on repeat visits to Thailand / Bongkosh Ngamsom Rittichainuwat, Hailin Qu, Chollada Mongkhonvanit

Autor: Bongkosh, Rittichainuwat

25. Analíticos  

Measuring tourist satisfaction by attribute and motivation: The case of a nature-based resort / Fang Meng, Yodmanee Tepanon, Muzaffer Uysal

Autor: Fang, Meng

26. Analíticos  

Chinese students: holiday behaviours in New Zealand / Chris Ryan, Zhidan Zhang

Autor: Ryan, Chris

27. Analíticos  

A nice vacation: variations in experience aspirations and travel careers / Bodil Stilling Blichfeldt

Autor: Blichfeldt, Bodil Stilling

28. Analíticos  

Mature travelers to Thailand: A sutdy of preferences and attributes / Michael Vieregge [et al.]

29. Analíticos  

College student travel: a revised model of push motives / Kakyom Kim, Ick-Keun Oh, Giri Jogaratnam

Autor: Kim, Kakyom

30. Analíticos  

Travel decisions of students at a US university: segmenting the international market / Kakyom Kim, Giri Jogaratnam, Jeonghee Noh

Autor: Kim, Kakyom

31. Analíticos  

Measuring experience economy concepts: tourism applications / Haemoon Oh, Ann Marie Fiore, Miyoung Jeoung

Autor: Oh, Haemoon

32. Analíticos  

Boredom in free time: relationships with personality, affect, and motivation for different gender, racial and ethnic student groups / Lynn A. Barnett, Sandra Wolf Klitzing

Autor: Barnett, Lynn A.

33. Analíticos  

An examination of the motivation - involvement relationship / Gerard T. Kile [et al.]

34. Analíticos  

One mo', once: a commentary on the litvin paper on the Plog psychographic system / Stanley C. Plog

Autor: Plog, Stanley C.

35. Analíticos  

Tsunami recovery: a case study of Thailand's tourism / Bongkosh Ngamsom Rittichainuwat

Autor: Bongkosh, Rittichainuwat

36. Analíticos  

Succession in tourism family business: The motivation of succeeding family members / Mike Peters

Autor: Peters, Mike

37. Analíticos  

Wine tourist motivation and the perceived importance of servicescape: a study conducted in Goa, Índia / Babu P. George

Autor: George, Babu P.

38. Analíticos  

Una propuesta para la implantación del crédito Europeo en contabilidad para la gestión turística / Bernabé Escobar Pérez, Antonio Lobo Gallardo

Autor: Escobar Pérez, Bernabé

39. Analíticos  

Les Français et l'achat de voyages en ligne / Raffour, Guy

Autor: Raffour, Guy

40. Analíticos  

Coastal Tourism in Natural Parks. An Analysis of Demand Profiles and Recreational Uses in Coastal Protected Natural Areas

Autor: Anton Clavé, SalvadorGemma Nel-lo, MartaOrellana, Alicia