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41. Analíticos  

Hiking as a Recreational and Tourist Activity: Comparing Portuguese Hikers with those from other Nationalities

Autor: Rodrigues, ÁureaKastenholz, Elisabeth

42. Analíticos  

The Cultural Tourism Market in Portugal

Autor: Fernandes, CarlosSilva, Goretti

43. Analíticos  

"Local people" a Critical Factor for Place Brand Building

Autor: FREIRE, João Ricardo

44. Analíticos  

To Incorporate the Concept of Tourist Experience in the Tourism Marketing

Autor: FREIRE, João Ricardo

45. Analíticos  

The importance of the Internet in Travel Planning and Destination choice of the Independent Traveller

Autor: EASTON, GavinYEO KOO, Kyung

46. Analíticos  

O Turismo Religioso no Norte de Portugal: Avaliação do seu potencial de desenvolvimento

Autor: Fernandes, CarlosRichards, GregRebelo, Marco

47. Analíticos  

Pilgrimage or Sacred Tourism? A Modern Phenomenon with Historical Roots, with examples from Fátima and Santiago de Compostela

Autor: BLOM, ThomasNILSSON, MatsSantos Solla, Xosé Manuel

48. Analíticos  

O fenómeno do Turismo Residencial, analisado para o caso das Praias da Costa Nova e Barra / COBUCI, Leila de Assis

Autor: Ferreira, Ana Maria Alves PedroBatista, Alexandra Isabel Pereira

49. Analíticos  

The role of Volunteer Tourism: the case of International Work Camps in Vojvodina, Serbia / Klicek, Tamara

Autor: Klicek, TamaraBreda, Zélia

50. Analíticos  

Backpacker tourism: sustainable and purposeful? Investigating the overlap between backpacker tourism and volunteer tourism motivations / Natalie Ooi, Jennifer H. Laing

Autor: Ooi, Natalie

51. Analíticos  

Does the tourist care? A comparison of tourists in Koh Phi Phi, Thailand and Gili Trawangan, Indonesia / Rachel Dodds, Sonya Rita Graci, Mark Holmes

Autor: Doods, Rachel

52. Analíticos  

Self determination theory and wine club attribute formation process / Christopher J White

Autor: WHITE, Christopher J.

53. Analíticos  

Destination models and property regimes: An Exploration / António P. Russo

Autor: Russo, Antonio P.

54. Analíticos  

Tourism, Social Memory and Great War / Caroline Winter

Autor: Winter, Caroline

55. Analíticos  

Now That Is Funny: Humor in Tourism Settings / Philip L. Pearce

Autor: Pearce, Philip L.

56. Analíticos  

Back to the past: a sub-segment of Generation Y's perceptions of authenticity / Deepak Chhabra

Autor: Chhabra, Deepak

57. Analíticos  

Information source usage among motive-based segments of travelers to newly emerging tourist destinations / Banasree Dey, Mrinmoy K. Sarma

Autor: Dey, Banasree

58. Analíticos  

Decadal shifts in beach user sand availability on the Costa Brava Northwestern Mediterranean Coast / Rafael Sardá [et al.]

59. Analíticos  

An evaluation of priorities for beach tourism: case studies from South Wales, UK / M. R. Philips, C. House

Autor: Philips, M. R.

60. Analíticos  

Tourist shopping behavior in a historic downtown area / Astrid D.A.M. Kemperman, Aloys W. J. Borgers, Harry J.P. Timmermans

Autor: Kemperman, Astrid D.A.M.