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51. Analíticos  

Self-determined travel facilitation with mental construal priming / Ye Zhang [et al.]

COTA(S): RE-1193

52. Analíticos  

Dental tourism: examining tourist profiles, motivation and satisfaction / Mustaffa Jaapar [et al.]

COTA(S): RE-1193

53. Analíticos  

Le marché des solos / Anne-Marie Michaux [et al.]

54. Analíticos  
Tourism Analysis.jpg    

Vacationing at sea again: who and why? / Renuka Mahadevan

Autor: Mahadevan, Renuka

COTA(S): RE-1831

55. Analíticos  

The augmented convention offering: the impact of destination and product images on attendees' perceived benefits / Makarand Mody [et al.]

COTA(S): RE-1831

56. Analíticos  

A wine tourist behavior model for Australian winery cellar doors / Xiaoyu Chen, Johan Bruwer Justin Cohen, Steve Goodman

COTA(S): RE-1831

57. Analíticos  

Are tourists animal spirits? Evidence from a field experiment exploring the use of non-market based interventions advocating sustainable tourism / Jorge E. Araña and Carmelo J. León

Autor: Araña, Jorge E.

COTA(S): RE-926

58. Analíticos  

Compassion as a neglected motivator for sustainable tourism / David B. Weaver and Xin Jin

Autor: Weaver, David Bruce

COTA(S): RE-926

59. Analíticos  

Behavioural adaptation to climate change among winter alpine tourists: an analysis of tourist motivations and leisure substitutability / Nicole Cocolas, Gabrielle Walters and Lisa Ruhanen

Autor: Cocolas, Nicole

COTA(S): RE-926

60. Analíticos  

Exploring the implications of virtual reality technology in tourism marketing: an integrated research framework / Yu Chih Huang [et al.]

COTA(S): RE-1610