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601. Analíticos  

An analysis of Mainland Chinese visitors' motivations to visit Hong Kong / Zhang Qiu Hanqin, Terry Lam

Autor: Hanqin, Zhang Qiu

602. Analíticos  

Application of leisure motivation scale to tourism / Chris Ryan, Ian Glendon

Autor: Ryan, Chris

603. Analíticos  

Sobre recursos turísticos e motivações para viajar / Humberto Leal

Autor: Leal, Humberto

604. Analíticos  

Lodging preferences of the senior tourism market / Elizabeth M. Lieux, Pamela A. Weaver, Ken W. McCleary

Autor: Lieux, Elizabeth M.

605. Analíticos  

Distribution channels in the travel industry: using mystery shoppers to understand the influence of travel agency recommendations : | / Hudson, Simon [et al.]

606. Analíticos  

La gestion des ressources humaines dans le secteur de l'hôtellerie-restauration / Sophie Dubois, Bruno Carbonell

Autor: Dubois, Sophie

607. Analíticos  

Les enfants du voyage routard / Jean-Yves Marteau

Autor: Marteau, Jean-Yves

608. Analíticos  

From whale hunting to whale watching in Tonga: a sustainable future? / Mark B. Orams

Autor: Orams, Mark B.

609. Analíticos  

Measuring tourist motivation / Dale Fodness

Autor: Fodness, Dale

610. Analíticos  

Expectations for hotel service quality: do they differ from culture to culture? / Connie Mok and Robert W. Armstrong

Autor: Mok, Connie