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1. Analíticos  

Portugal Ventures tem 18 milhões de euros para investir no turismo / Carina Monteiro

Autor: Monteiro, Carina

COTA(S): RP-381

2. Analíticos  

The agenda setting power of news media in framing the future role of tourism in protected areas / Stephen Schweinsberg, Simon Darcy and Mingming Cheng

Autor: Schweinsberg, Stephen C.

COTA(S): RE-1193

3. Analíticos  

Conservation finance and sustainable tourism: the acceptability of conservation fees to support the Tambopata National Reserve, Peru / Ryan M. Roberts [et al.]

COTA(S): RE-926

4. Analíticos  

Visitor perceptions of World Heritage value at Sagarmatha (Mt. Everest) National Park, Nepal / Nabin Baral, Helen Hazen and Brijesh Thapa

Autor: Baral, Nabin

COTA(S): RE-926

5. Analíticos  

Transformative travel as a sustainable market niche for protected areas: a new development, marketing and conservation model / Isabelle D. Wolf, Gillian B. Ainsworth and Jane Crowley

Autor: Wolf, Isabelle D.

COTA(S): RE-926

6. Analíticos  

Protected Areas in a neoliberal world and the role of tourism in supporting conservation and sustainable development: an assessment of strategic planning, zoning, impact monitoring, and tourism management at natural World Heritage Sites / Hubert Job, Susanne Becken and Bernard Lane

Autor: Job, Hubert

COTA(S): RE-926

7. Analíticos  

Values in nature conservation, tourism and UNESCO World Heritage Site stewardship / Janne J. Liburd and Susanne Becken

Autor: Liburd, Janne J.

COTA(S): RE-926

8. Analíticos  

Developing a typology of sustainable protected area tourism products / Elias Butzmann and Hubert Job

Autor: Butzmann, Elias

COTA(S): RE-926

9. Analíticos  

Private protected areas, ecotourism development and impacts on local people's well-being: a review from case studies in Southern Chile / Christopher Serenari [et al.]

COTA(S): RE-926

10. Analíticos  

The health and well-being impacts of protected areas in Finland / Riikka Puhakka, Kati Pitkänen and Pirkko Siikamäki

Autor: Puhakka, Riikka

COTA(S): RE-926