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31. Analíticos  

Causality in direct air services and tourism demand / Tay T. R. Koo, Christine Lim and Frédéric Dobruszkes

Autor: Koo, Tay T. R.

COTA(S): RE-1253

32. Analíticos  

Religiousness as tourist performances: a case study of Greek Orthodox pilgrimage / Matina Terzidou, Caroline Scarles and Mark N. K. Saunders

Autor: Terzidou, Matina

COTA(S): RE-1253

33. Analíticos  

Chinese citizens' outbound destination choice: objective and subjective factors / Xiang Wei, Fang Meng and Pei Zhang

Autor: Xiang, Wei

COTA(S): RE-1610

34. Analíticos  

Do attractions attract tourists? A framework to assess the importance of attractions in driving demand / Bob Mckercher

Autor: Mckercher, Bob

COTA(S): RE-1610

35. Analíticos  

Motivations and experiences of whitewater rafting tourists on the Ocoee River, USA / Eric Beckman, Jeremy E. Whaley and Youn-Kyung Kim

Autor: Beckman, Eric

COTA(S): RE-1610

36. Analíticos  

Intention to visit Malaysia for medical tourism using the antecedents of theory of planned behaviour: a predictive model / Ai Na Seow [ et al.]

COTA(S): RE-1610

37. Analíticos  

Do attractions "attract" tourists? The case of Singapore / Bob McKercher and Edward Koh

Autor: Mckercher, Bob

COTA(S): RE-1610

38. Analíticos  

Development of a cruise motivation scale for emerging markets in Asia / Cathy H. C. Hsu and Minglong Li

Autor: Hsu, Cathy H.C.

COTA(S): RE-1610

39. Analíticos  

Exploring the tourist experience: a sequential approach / Sanghun Park and Carla Almeida Santos

Autor: Park, Sanghun

COTA(S): RE-111

40. Analíticos  

Visitors to Heritage Sites: motives and involvement - a model and textual analysis / Thu Thi Trinh and Chris Ryan

Autor: Thu Thi, Trinh

COTA(S): RE-111