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1. Monografias  

The mind of the Chinese Traveller : Kairos future on behalf of European Travel Commission / ETC- European Travel Commission

Data Publicação: 2012

COTA(S): 15985-I; 15985-II

2. Monografias  

The Chinese outbound travel market / OMT, ETC

Data Publicação: 2012

COTA(S): 16160

3. Monografias  

The chinese outbound travel market with special insight into the image of Europe as a destination / World Tourism Organization

Data Publicação: 2008

COTA(S): 12137; 12137-a; 12137-Dg

4. Monografias  

A população de Lourenço Marques em 1894 : (um censo inédito) / Carlos Santos Reis

Data Publicação: 1973

COTA(S): 105

5. Analíticos  

How "we" see "them" : tourism and native americans / Joan D. Laxson

Autor: Laxson, Joan D.

6. Analíticos  

Cultural diversity : the lesson for Toronto's hotels / Julia Christensen-Hughes

Autor: Christensen-Hughes, Julia

7. Analíticos  

Ethnic tourism : focus on Poland / Stanislaw Ostrowski

Autor: Ostrowski, Stanislaw

8. Analíticos  

Principal components-like procedures for cross-tabulated recreation data : an illustration from search activity related to park choice / James E. Christensen

Autor: Christensen, James E.

9. Analíticos  

Mexican-american/anglo cultural differences as recreation style determinants / Patricia Noonan Irwin, William C. Gartner, Carolyn C. Phelps

Autor: Irwin, Patricia Noonan

10. Analíticos  

De l'aventure missionnaire à l'aventure humanitaire : missionnaires à l'assaut de l'Afrique Noire (XIXe-XXe siécles) / Aggée C. Lomo Myazhiom

Autor: Myazhiom, Aggée C. Lomo