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11. Analíticos  

Choice behaviour in online hotel booking / Lorenzo Masiero and Juan L. Nicolau

Autor: Masiero, Lorenzo

12. Analíticos  

Price parity, channel conflict, and hotel rooms in Macao / Patrick Chang Boon Lee, Heng Tang and Sarah Wai San Fong

Autor: Lee, Patrick Chang Boon

13. Analíticos  

An investigation of multiple devices and information sources used in the hotel booking process / Hilary Catherine Murphy, Meng-Mei Chen and Mathieu Cossutta

Autor: Murphy, Hilary Catherine

14. Analíticos  

Effect of the booking.com scoring system / Juan Pedro Mellinas, Soledad-María Martínez María-Dolores

Autor: Mellinas, Juan Pedro

15. Analíticos  

Comparing reservation channels for hotel rooms: A behavioral perspective / Lorenzo Masiero and Rob Law

Autor: Masiero, Lorenzo

16. Analíticos  

Making reservations online: The impact of consumer-written and system-aggregated user-generated content (UGC) in travel booking websites on consumers' behavioral intentions / Seunga Venus Jin and Joe Phua

Autor: Seunga, Venus Jin

17. Analíticos  

Optimal overbooking limits for a hotel with three room types and with upgrade and downgrade constraints / Stanislav H. Ivanov

Autor: Ivanov, Stanislau H.

18. Analíticos  

The meaning of rental second homes and places: the owners’ perspectives / Joana Afonso Dias [et al.]

19. Analíticos  

O papel do travel manager e a implementação de uma SBT / Alberto Mascaraque

Autor: Mascaraque, Alberto

20. Analíticos  

Rural tourism and the development of Internet-based accommodation booking platforms: a study in the advantages, dangers and implications of innovation / Stefan Gössling, Bernard Lane

Autor: Gössling, Stefan