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1. Monografias  
The future of consumer society (2).jpg    

The future of consumer society : Prospects for sustainability in the New Economy / Maurie J. Cohen

Autor: Cohen, Maurie J. Data Publicação: 2017

COTA(S): 19942

2. Analíticos  

Socio-demographic effects on Anzali wetland tourism development / Mana Khoshkam, Azizan Marzuki, Usama Al-Mulali

Autor: Khoshkam, Mana

COTA(S): RE-1193

3. Monografias  

Future traveller tribes 2030 : Understanding tomorrew's traveller / Future Foundation

Data Publicação: 2015

COTA(S): 16466-Dg

4. Analíticos  

Demographic change, tourism expenditure and life cycle behaviour / Cristina Bernini, Maria Francesca Cracolici

Autor: Bernini, Cristina

COTA(S): RE-1193

5. Analíticos  

Why restaurants fail? part IV: the relationship between restaurant failures and demographic factors / H. G. Parsa [et al.]

COTA(S): RE-1268

6. Analíticos  

A quantitative valuation of tourist experience in Lisbon / Annalina Sarra, Simone Di Zio, Marianna Cappucci

Autor: Sarra, Annalina

COTA(S): RE-1253

7. Analíticos  

Tourism expenditure patterns in China / Vera Shanshan Lin, Rui Mao, Haiyan Song

Autor: Lin, Vera Shanshan

COTA(S): RE-1253

8. Analíticos  

Medical tourism: consumers’ concerns over risk and social challenges / Lydia L. Gan, James R. Frederick

Autor: Gan, Lydia L.

COTA(S): RE-1562

9. Analíticos  

Population aging and the economics of international travel / David Riker

Autor: Riker, David

COTA(S): RE-1822

10. Analíticos  

Segmenting festival visitors using psychological commitment / Jenny (Jiyeon) Lee, Gerard T. Kyle

Autor: Lee, (Jiyeon) Jenny

COTA(S): RE-111