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1. Analíticos  

Determinants of touristic attraction in Portuguese regions and their impact on GDP / Diana C. Neves, António J. Fernandes, Elisabeth T. Pereira

Autor: Neves, Diana Carolina de Jesus

COTA(S): RE-1822

2. Monografias  

Gestão de agências de viagens e turismo : 2ª edição actualizada / Nuno Abranja

Autor: Abranja, NunoMagalhães, Carlos Data Publicação: 2018

COTA(S): 20059

3. Analíticos  

A importância do orçamento na gestão do hotel / Patrícia Correia

Autor: Correia, Patrícia

COTA(S): RP-1275

4. Analíticos  

Dynamic heterogeneous panel data analysis of tourism demand for Singapore / Christine Lim and Liang Zhu

Autor: Lim, Christine

COTA(S): RE-1562

5. Analíticos  

Using a network data envelopment analysis model to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of cultural tourism promotion in Taiwan / Chin-Wei Huang, Hsiao-Yin Chen and Chung-Te Ting

Autor: Chin-Wei, Huang

COTA(S): RE-1562

6. Monografias  

Quantitative Methods in Tourism : a Handbook / Rodolfo Baggio e Jane Koblas

Autor: Pearce, Philip L.

COTA(S): 19945

7. Analíticos  

Elaborating on grounded theory in tourism research / Xavier Matteucci and Juergen Gnoth

Autor: Matteucci, Xavier

COTA(S): RE-1253

8. Analíticos  

Tourism and high speed rail in Spain: does the AVE increase local visitors? / Daniel Albalate, Javier Campos and Juan Luis Jiménez

Autor: Albalate, Daniel

COTA(S): RE-1253

9. Analíticos  

Earmarking conservation: further inquiry on scope effects in stated preference methods applied to nature-based tourism / Vito Frontuto [et al.]

COTA(S): RE-1193

10. Analíticos  

Tourism-led growth hypothesis in the top tem tourist destinations: new evidence using the quantile-on-quantile approach / Syed Jawad Hussain Shahzad [et al.]

COTA(S): RE-1193