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31. Analíticos  

Representation of cruise: cruisers and noncruisers cross views / Anne-Marie Lebrun

Autor: Lebrun, Anne-Marie

32. Analíticos  

Geração do novo milénio: os viajantes do futuro estão aqui / Peter Jordan

Autor: Jordan, Peter

33. Analíticos  

International Medical Travelers’ Behavioral Intention: An Empirical Study in Iran / Milad Kalantari Shahijan [et al.]

34. Analíticos  

Traveller-generated contents for destination image formation: Mainland China travellers to Taiwan as a case study / Yan Ru Li [et al.]

35. Analíticos  

The role of airline travelers’ pre-recovery emotions during the service recovery process / Davoud Nikbin [et al.]

36. Analíticos  

Why do travelers trust TripAdvisor? Antecedents of trust towards consumer-generated media and its influence on recommendation adoption and word of mouth / Raffaele Filieri, Salma Alguezaui, Fraser McLeay

Autor: Filieri, Raffaele

37. Analíticos  

If i was going to die i should at last be having fun: Travel blogs meaning and tourist experience / Carmela Bosanmgit, Sally Hibbert and Scott McCabe

Autor: Bosangit, Carmela

38. Analíticos  

The benefits of short stay caravan travel based on the lived experiences of grey caravanners in Australia / Ian Patterson, Shane Pegg and Renuka Mahadevan

Autor: Patterson, Ian

39. Analíticos  

Critical in-flight and ground-service factors influencing brand prestige and relationships between brand prestige, well-being preceptions, and brand loyalty: first-class passengers / Young-joo Ahn, Insin Kim, Sunghyup Sean Hyun

Autor: Young-Joo, Ahn

40. Analíticos  

Um bem essencial para os viajantes? : Internet no turismo / Vitor Costa

Autor: Costa, Vitor