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1. Analíticos  

Tecnologia e sustentabilidade são as grandes tendências / José Luís Arnaut

Autor: Arnaut, José Luís

2. Analíticos  

Como gerir os diferentes tipos de cancelamentos de reservas / Rita Soares

Autor: Soares, Rita

3. Analíticos  

Direccionar propostas / Maria João Vieira Pinto

Autor: Pinto, Maria João Vieira

4. Analíticos  

The influence of trust perceptions on German tourists' intention to book a sustainable hotel: a new approach to analysing marketing information / Sindhuri Ponnapureddy [et al.]

5. Analíticos  

Tourism, information technologies and sustainability: an exploratory review / Stefan Gössling

Autor: Gössling, Stefan

6. Analíticos  

May I sleep in your bed? Getting permission to book / Logi Karlsson, Astrid Kemperman and Sara Dolnicar

Autor: Karlsson, Logi

7. Analíticos  

Brand equity research using online customer ratings of Spanish hotels / Ismael P. Soler and Germán Gémar

Autor: Soler, Ismael P.

8. Analíticos  

Service quality, satisfaction, and customer loyalty in Airbnb accommodation in Thailand / Constantinos-Vasilios Priporas [et al.]

Autor: Priporas, Constantinos-Vasilios

9. Analíticos  

Be a "Superhost": the importance of badge systems for peer-to-peer rental accommodations / Sai Liang [et al.]

10. Analíticos  

How locus of control shapes intention to reuse mobile apps for making hotel reservations: evidence from chinese consumers / Lawrence Hoc Nang Fong, Long Wai Lam and Rob Law

Autor: Fong, Lawrence Hoc Nang