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1. Analíticos  

Quatro passos simples para a qualidade na decisão / Luís Pereira Filipe

Autor: Filipe, Luís Pereira

2. Analíticos  

O urbanismo ideológico / Vítor Pereira

Autor: Pereira, Vítor

3. Analíticos  

Perceived leader behavioral integrity and employee voice in SMEs travel agentes: The mediating role of empowering leader behaviors / Ahmed M. Elsetouhi [et al.]

4. Analíticos  

The role of travel agents' ethical concerns when brokering information in the marketing and sale of sustainable tourism / Alexa Mossaz and Alexandra Coghlan

Autor: Mossaz, A. C.

5. Analíticos  

Personal values and the theory of planned behaviour: A study of values and holiday trade-offs in young adults / Sheng Ye [et al.]

6. Analíticos  

The moderating role of context in the effects of choice attributes on hotel choice: A discrete choice experiment / Dohee Kim and Byung-Jin (Robert) Park

Autor: Dohee, Kim

7. Analíticos  

A novel decision support model for satisfactory restaurants utilizing social information: a case study of TripAdvisor.com / Hong-yu Zhang [et al.]

8. Analíticos  

Trust and reputation in the sharing economy: The role of persinal photos in Airbnb / Eyal Ert, Aliza Fleischer, Nathan Magen

Autor: Ert, Eyal

9. Analíticos  

Tourist decisions in renting various personal travel modes: A case study in Kitakyuschu City, Japan / Hiroki Nakamura, Naoya Abe

Autor: Hiroki, Nakamura

10. Analíticos  

Decision making by specialist luxury travel agents / R. Buckley, A. C. Mossaz

Autor: Buckley, Ralf