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41. Analíticos  

Designing and managing interpretive experiences at religious sites: Visitors' perceptions of Canterbury Cathedral / K. Hughes, N. Bond, R. Ballantyne

Autor: Hughes, K.

42. Analíticos  

Network resources and social capital in airline alliance portfolios / Cristóbal Casanueva, Ángeles Gallego, María Sancho

Autor: Casanueva, Cristóbal

43. Monografias  

Sport Governance : International case studies / Ian O'Boyle, Trish Bradbury

Autor: O'Boyle, Ian Data Publicação: 2013

44. Analíticos  

Describing the relationships between tourist satisfaction and destination loyalty in a segmented and digitalized market / Bart Neuts [et al.]

45. Monografias  

Food Supply Chain Management : Economic, Social and Environment Perspectives / Pullman, Madeleine

Autor: Pullman, MadeleineZhaohui, Wu Data Publicação: 2012

46. Analíticos  

The effects of property and landowner characteristics on profit efficiency in salmon angling tourism in Norway / Stian Stensland, Sjur Baardsen

Autor: Stensland, Stian

47. Monografias  

Food and Beverage Management / Bernard Davis

Autor: Pullman, Madeleine Data Publicação: 2012

48. Analíticos  

Funding sustainable paddle trail development: paddler perspectives, willingness to pay and management implications / Carol Kline, [et al.]

49. Monografias  

Challenges and opportunities for tourism development in small Island developing states / World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

50. Monografias  

The Business and management of ocean cruises / Michael Vogel, Alexis Papathanassis e Bem Wolber

Autor: Vogel, Michael Data Publicação: 2012