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61. Analíticos  

Geração Z e o futuro do turismo / António Jorge Costa

Autor: Costa, António Jorge

62. Analíticos  

As cidades têm de criar o mercado e não o contrário / Filipa Cardoso

Autor: Cardoso, Filipa

63. Analíticos  

How power distance affects online hotel ratings: The positive moderating roles of hotel chain and reviewers' travel experiance / Baojun Gao [et al.]

64. Analíticos  

Intelligence artificielle & tourisme / Benoîte Dudragne [et al.)

65. Analíticos  

Differences in the city branding of European capitals based on online vs.offline sources of information / Arturo Molina [et al.]

66. Analíticos  

Tourism satellite account support using online analytical processing / Konstantinos Giannopoulos and Basilis Boutsinas

Autor: Giannopoulos, Konstantinos

67. Analíticos  

Understanding the tourist mobility using GPS: Where is the next place? / Weimin Zheng, Xiaoting Huang and Yuan Li

Autor: Weimin, Zheng

68. Analíticos  

Not such smart tourism? The concept of e-lienation / John Tribe and Muchazondida Mkono

Autor: Tribe, John

69. Analíticos  

The relevance of mobile tourism and information technology: an analysis of recente trends and future research directions / Sai Liang [et al.]

70. Analíticos  

The impact of language style on consumers' reactions to online reviews / Laurie Wu [et al.]