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31. Analíticos  

The impact of economic, social and environmental factors on trip satisfaction and the likelihood of visitors returning / Diane Jarvis, Natalie Stoeckl and Hong-Bo Liu

Autor: Jarvis, Diane

32. Analíticos  

Wine tourism: motivating visitors through core and supplementary services / Erick T. Byrd [et al.]

33. Analíticos  

The effects of perceived service quality on repurchase intentions and subjective well-being of Chinese tourists: the mediating role of relationship quality / Lujun Su, Scott R. Swanson and Xiaohong Chen

Autor: LuJun, Su

34. Analíticos  

The relationship between sense of community and satisfaction on future intentions to attend an association's annual meeting / Jeeyeon (Jeannie) Hahm [et al.]

35. Analíticos  

From branded exports to traveler imports: building destination image on the factory floor in South Korea / Jay Sang Ryu, J. N. Patrick L'Espoir Decosta and Mikael Andéhn

Autor: Ryu, Jay Sang

36. Analíticos  

Exploring event bundling: the strategy and its impacts / Yueying Hazel Xu, IpKin Anthony Wong and Xiuchang Sherry Tan

Autor: Yueying, Xu

37. Analíticos  

Tourist loyalty to a local cultural event: the case of Turkmen handicrafts festival / Arman Akhoondnejad

Autor: Akhoondnejad, Arman

38. Analíticos  

Hotel attributes: asymmetries in guest payments and gains - a stated preference approach / Concepción Román and Juan Carlos Martín

Autor: Román, Concepción

39. Analíticos  

Brand personality and culture: the role of cultural diferences on the impact of brand personality perceptions on tourists' visit intentions / Kurt Matzler [et al.]

40. Analíticos  

The incorporation of consumer experience into branding process: an investigation of name-brand hotels / Aikaterini Manthiou [et al.]