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61. Analíticos  

Factors affecting British revisit intention to Crete, Greece: high vs. low spending tourists / Myung Ja Kim [et al.]

62. Analíticos  

An empirical analysis of synthesizing the effects of festival quality, emotion, festival image and festival satisfaction on festival loyalty: a case study of Macau food festival / Jose Wong, Hung-Che Wu, Ching-Chan Cheng

Autor: Wong, Jose

63. Analíticos  

Investigating the attractiveness of an emerging long-haul destination: implications for loyalty / Vania Vigolo

Autor: Vigolo, Vania

64. Analíticos  

Online group-buying of tourism products: effects of value and trust on site attachment, altruism, and loyalty / Myung Ja Kim [et al.]

65. Analíticos  

Loyalty runs deeper than thread count: an exploratory study of gay guest preferences and hotelier perceptions / Orie Berezan [et al.]

66. Analíticos  

Tourists’ perceptions of London, United Kingdom (UK), as a safe host city during the 2012 Olympic Games / Richard George, Kamilla Swart

Autor: George, Richard

67. Analíticos  

Effects of destination image and total perceived value on tourists' behavioral intentations: an investigation of domestic festival tourists / Mehmet Oguzhan Ìlban, Mehmet Kasli and Muammer Bezirgan

Autor: Ìlban, Mehmet Oguzhan

68. Analíticos  

Nature-based tourism: motivation and subjective well-being / Hyelin Kim [et al.]

69. Analíticos  

Critical in-flight and ground-service factors influencing brand prestige and relationships between brand prestige, well-being preceptions, and brand loyalty: first-class passengers / Young-joo Ahn, Insin Kim, Sunghyup Sean Hyun

Autor: Young-Joo, Ahn

70. Analíticos  

Analysis of attendees' expenditure patterns to recurring annual events: Examining the joint effects of repeat attendance and travel distance / Seul Ki Lee [at al.]