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11. Analíticos  

Visitors' satisfaction at managed tourist attractions in Northern Norway: Do on-site factors matter / Oystein Jensen, Yuan Li and Muzaffer Uysal

Autor: Jensen, Oystein

12. Analíticos  

The Baidu Index: Uses in predicting tourism flows - A case study of the Forbidden City / Xiankai Huang, Lifeng Zhang, Yusi Ding

Autor: Xiankai, Huang

13. Analíticos  

The Kelpies, the Falkirk Wheel, and th tourism-based regeneration of Scottish Canals / Andrew McKean, John Harris and John Lennon

Autor: McKean, Andrew

14. Analíticos  

Using a four-step heuristic algorithm to design personalized day tour route within a tourist attraction / Weimin Zheng, Zhixue Liao and Jing Qin

Autor: Weimin, Zheng

15. Analíticos  

Portugal e Lisboa no top 10 mundial: ranking da ICCA / Fernanda Ramos

Autor: Ramos, Fernanda

16. Monografias  

Contribution of Islamic Culture and its Impact on the Asian Tourism Market / World Tourism Organization (UNWTO)

17. Analíticos  

Tourist attractions in Bangkok and Singapore; linking vandalism and setting characteristic / Abhishek Bhati and Philip Pearce

Autor: Bhati, Abhishek

18. Analíticos  

Explorating factors determining the attractiveness of railway tourism / Cheng-Fei Lee and Kuan-Yang Chen

Autor: Lee, Cheng-Fei

19. Analíticos  

Do attractions attract tourists? A framework to assess the importance of attractions in driving demand / Bob Mckercher

Autor: Mckercher, Bob

20. Analíticos  

Centro interpretativo da Ponte 25 de Abril. Nova atracção turística de Lisboa "mora" no Pilar 7 da Ponte / Fernanda Ramos

Autor: Ramos, Fernanda