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31. Analíticos  

Visitors' engagement and authenticity: Japanese heritage consumption / Derek Bryce [et al.]

32. Analíticos  

The support of attendees for tourism development: evidence from religious festivals, Taiwan / Tsung Hung Lee, Chung-Jen Fu, Pei-Shiang Chang

Autor: Tsung-Hung, Lee

33. Analíticos  

Why Heidegger did not travel: Existential angst, authenticity, and tourist experiences / Robert J. Shepherd

Autor: Shepherd, Robert J.

34. Analíticos  

Authenticity, involvement, and image: Evaluating tourist experiences at historic districts / Lu Lu, Christina G. Chi, Yi Liu

Autor: Lu, Lu

35. Analíticos  

A multimethod multilevel study of heritage transmission: the role of culture on tourist interest and authenticity / IpKin Anthony Wong

Autor: Wong, Ipkin Anthony

36. Analíticos  

Toward a framework integrating authenticity and integrity in heritage tourism / Yifei Wang, Songshan (Sam) Huang, Aise KyoungJin Kim

Autor: Yifei, Wang

37. Analíticos  

Perceptions of authenticity in a Malaysian homestay – A narrative analysis / Paolo Mura

Autor: Mura, Paolo

38. Analíticos  

A structural model of host authenticity / Qilou (Bill) Shou [et al.]

39. Analíticos  

An existential conceptualization of the vacation cycle / Ksenia Kirillova, Xinran Lehto

Autor: Kirillova, Ksenia

40. Analíticos  

Authentication in sports tourism / Matthew Lamont

Autor: Lamont, Matthew