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21. Analíticos  

Community non-participation in homestays in Kullu, Himachal Pradesh, India / Jyoti Sood, Paul Lynch and Constantia Anastasiadou

Autor: Sood, Jyoti

22. Analíticos  

Contextualizing the complexities of managing alternative tourism at the community-level: a case study of a nordic eco-village / Solène Prince and Dimitri Ioannides

Autor: Prince, Solène

23. Analíticos  

Organic 'folkloric' community driven place-making and tourism / Trevor Sofiels, Jaume Guia and Jan Specht

Autor: Sofield, Trevor H.B.

24. Analíticos  

Local livelihood under different governances of tourism development in China - a case study of Huangshan mountain area / Cheng Qian [et al.]

25. Analíticos  

Turismo comunitario y responsabilidad social en Santa Elena: un modelo para armar / Lupe Cecilia García Espinosa, Myriam Yolanda Sarabia Molina y Arnaldo Efrén Mendoza Tarabó

Autor: García Espinoza, Lupe Cecilia

26. Analíticos  

Community participation in world heritage site conservation and tourism development / S. Mostafa Rasoolimanesh, [et al.]

27. Analíticos  

Testing an integrated destination image model across residents and tourists / Dimitrios Stylidis, Amir Shani, Yaniv Belhassen

Autor: Stylidis, Dimitrios

28. Analíticos  

Development pattern, classification and evaluation of the tourism academic community in China in the last ten years: From the perspective of big data of articles of tourism academic journals / Lingyun Zhang [et al.]

29. Analíticos  

Enclavic tourism spaces: territorialization and bordering in tourism destination development and planning / Jarkko Saarinen

Autor: Saarinen, Jarkko

30. Analíticos  

Community, state and power-relations in community-based tourism on Lekhubu Island, Botswana / Monkgogi Lenao

Autor: Lenao, Monkgogi