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41. Analíticos  

Indigenous communities, tourism development and extreme poverty alleviation in rural Bangladesh / Faridul Islam and Jack Carlsen

Autor: Islam, Faridul

42. Analíticos  

Informal microfinance institutions and development-led tourism entrepreneurship / Michael Z. Ngoasong and Albert N. Kimbu

Autor: Ngoasong, Michael Z.

43. Analíticos  

Chinese rural tourism development: Transition in the case of Qiyunshan, Anhui / Ping Li, Chris Ryan, Jenny Cave

Autor: Ping, Li

44. Analíticos  

Residents' perceptions of wine tourism development / Shuangyu Xu [et al.]

45. Analíticos  

Building interpersonal trust in a travel-related virtual community: A case study on a Guangzhou couchsurfing community / Qiuju Luo, Hui Zhang

Autor: Qiuju, Luo

46. Analíticos  

Community-building and amenity migration in community-based tourism development. An approach from southwest Spain / Esteban Ruiz-Ballesteros, Rafael Cáceres-Feria

Autor: Ruiz-Ballesteros, Esteban

47. Analíticos  

Residents' quality of life and attitudes toward tourism development in China / Zeng-Xian Liang, Tak-Hee Hui

Autor: Zeng-Xian, Liang

48. Analíticos  

Indigenous peoples and tourism: the challenges and opportunities for sustainable tourism / Anna Carr, Lisa Ruhanen, Michelle Whitford

Autor: Carr, Anna

49. Analíticos  

Exploring outcomes of community-based tourism on the Kokoda Track, Papua New Guinea: A longitudinal study of participatory rural appraisal techniques / Amy Reggers [et al.]

50. Analíticos  

Short-term volunteering and international development: An avaluation framework for volunteer tourism / Daniel Gilfillan

Autor: Gilfillan, Daniel