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31. Analíticos  

Purchase of local products within the rural tourist experience context / Elisabeth Kastenholz, Celeste Eusébio and Maria João Carneiro

Autor: Kastenholz, Elisabeth

32. Monografias  

Strategic winery tourism and management : Building competitive winery tourism and winery management strategy / Lee, Kyuho

Autor: Lee, Kyuho

33. Analíticos  

Market segmentation, activities and environmental behaviour in rural tourism / Carlos Fernández-Hernández [et al.]

34. Analíticos  

Assessing sustainable food behaviours of national park visitors: domestic/on vocation linkages, and their implications for park policies / Susan L. Slocum and Kynda R. Curtis

Autor: Slocum, Susan L.

35. Analíticos  

The inter-relationship between rural and mass tourism: The case of Catalonia, Spain / Juan M. Hernández, Rafael Suárez-Vega, Yolanda Santana-Jiménez

Autor: Hernández, Juan M.

36. Analíticos  

Sence of place and tourism business development / Shuwen Liku and Lewis T. O. Cheung

Autor: Shuwen, Liu

37. Monografias  
Demystifying theories in Tourism Research.jpg    

Demystifying Theories in tourism research / K. Bricker

Autor: Bricker, Kelly S.Donohue, Holly Data Publicação: 2015

38. Analíticos  

Rural tourism and the craft beer experience: factors influencing brand loyalty in rural North Carolina, USA / Alison Murray, Carol Kline

Autor: Murray, Alison

39. Analíticos  

Networks, citizenship behaviours and destination effectiveness: a comparative study of two Chinese rural tourism destinations / Tianyu Ying, Jiajiang Jiang, Yongguang Zhou

Autor: Tianyu, Ying

40. Analíticos  

Turismo rural dependente da procura interna / Patrícia Afonso

Autor: Afonso, Patrícia