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531. Analíticos  

Issues in the measurement of leisure : a comparison of theoretical and connotative meanings / Diane M. Samdahl

Autor: Samdahl, Diane M.

532. Analíticos  

The impact of tourism and travel experience on senior travelers' psychological well-being / Ady Milman

Autor: Milman, Ady

533. Analíticos  

Museus: educação ou divertimento? Uma análise da experiência museológica segundo o modelo figuracional de Norbert Elias e Eric Dunning / Margarida Lima de Faria

Autor: Faria, Margarida Lima de

534. Analíticos  

Counterpoints in the sociology of leisure / John R. Kelly

Autor: Kelly, John R.

535. Analíticos  

Les loisirs de proximité : Nouvelles tendances / Yves Raynouard

Autor: Raynouard, Yves

536. Analíticos  

Application of leisure motivation scale to tourism / Chris Ryan, Ian Glendon

Autor: Ryan, Chris

537. Analíticos  

Leisure lifestyles in a developing country: reasons for non-participation / António Carlos Bramante

Autor: Bramante, António Carlos