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101. Analíticos  

Investigating the efectiveness of repositioning strategies: The customers / Chrystal Zhang, Yi Hsin Lin and David G. Newman

Autor: Chrystal, Zhang

102. Monografias  
Gestão e Controlo Alimentos e Bebidas.jpg    

Manual prático de gestão e controlo de alimentos e bebidas / Fernando Brito; Rev. Cândida Coelho

Autor: Brito, Fernando Data Publicação: 2016

103. Analíticos  

Reassurance or reason for concern: Security forces as a crisis management strategy / Oliver Cruz-Milán [et al.]

104. Analíticos  

A model that connets information technology and hotel performance / Santiago Melián-González, Jacques Bulchand-Gidumal

Autor: Melián-Gonzaléz, Santiago

105. Analíticos  

The becoming of user-generated reviews: Looking at the past to understand the future of managing reputation in the travel sector / Vasiliki Baka

Autor: Baka, Vasiliki

106. Analíticos  

Collaborative management and planning of urban heritage tourism: Public sector perspective / Petia Petrova, Dean Hristov

Autor: Petrova, Petia

107. Analíticos  

Boat-based tourism and bottlenose dolphins in Doubtful Sound, New Zealand: The role of management in decreasing dolphin-boat interactions / M. Guerra, S. M. Dawson

Autor: Guerra, Marta

108. Analíticos  

Value orientations and heritage tourism management at Petra Archaeological Parc, Jordan / Mohammad M. Alazaizeh [et al.]

109. Analíticos  

Predicting Muslim medical tourists' satisfaction with Malaysian Islamic friendly hospitals / Suhaiza Zailani [et al.]

110. Analíticos  

Measuring tourism destinations using / Janika Raun, Rein Ahas, Margus Tiru

Autor: Raun, Janika