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71. Analíticos  

Management challenges with the maintenance of tourism experience concept innovations: Toward a new research agenda / Dorthe Eide, Lars Fuglsang and Jon Sundbo

Autor: Eide, Dorthe

72. Analíticos  

Obstacles to achieving cross-border tourism governance: a multi-scalar approach focusing on the German-Czech borderlands / Arie Stoffelen, Dimitri Ioannides and Dominque Vanneste

Autor: Stoffelen, Arie

73. Analíticos  

Destination management in Chile: objectives, actions and actors / Douglas Pearce [et al.]

74. Analíticos  

Evaluative event frameworks: a learning destination perspective / Debbie Sadd, Alan Fyall and Kenneth Wardrop

Autor: Sadd, Debbie

75. Analíticos  

Assessment of the relationship between geomorphological evolution, carrying capacity and users' perception: case studies in Emilia Romagna (Italy) / Ilaria Rodella [et al.]

76. Analíticos  

Multilevel model of management support and casino employee turnover intention / Jun (Justin) Li, Woo Gon Kim and Xinyuan (Roy) Zhao

Autor: Jun, (Justin) Li

77. Monografias  

Management of estuarine beaches on the Amazon coast though the application of recreational carrying capacity indices / Rosigleyse Corrêa de Sousa [et al.]

78. Analíticos  

Tsunami disaster risk and vulnerability in coastal tourism community: the case of Khao Lak area, Thailand / Somrudee Meprasert Jitpraphai, Narumon Arunotai and Ajira Tiangtrong

Autor: Jitpraphai, Somrudee Meprasert

79. Analíticos  

Human dimensions of wreck diving and management: case studies from Australia and Micronesia / Joanne Edney

Autor: Edney, Joanne

80. Analíticos  

Manta ray tourism: interpersonal and social values conflicts, sanctions, and management / Mark D. Needham [et al.]