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31. Analíticos  

Changes in emotions and their interactions with personality in a vacation context / Yeqiang Lin, Deborah Kerstetter, Jeroen Nawijn, Ondrej Mitas

32. Analíticos  

Ideal standards and attitude formation: a tourism destination perspective / Christopher J. White

Autor: WHITE, Christopher J.

33. Analíticos  

Releasing Control: Parents on Vacation / Yael Ram, Natan Uriely, Ayala Malach-Pines

Autor: Ram, Yael

34. Analíticos  

Vacation from work: A ‘ticket to creativity’? The effects of recreational travel on cognitive flexibility and originality / Jessica de Bloom [et al.]

35. Analíticos  

Vacation behaviour under high travel cost conditions – A stated preference of revealed preference approach / S. van Cranenburgh, C.G. Chorus, B. van Wee

Autor: Cranenburgh, S. Van

36. Analíticos  

Vacation length choice: A dynamic mixed multinomial logit model / Anna B. Grigolon [et al.]

37. Analíticos  

Tendências e modas de férias de sol e mar em Itália / Massimo Feruzzi

Autor: Feruzzi, Massimo

38. Analíticos  

A rhythmanalysis of touristic sleep in nature / Outi Rantala, Anu Valtonen

Autor: Rantala, Outi Data Publicação: 2014

39. Analíticos  

Holiday intentions of portuguese residents: a profile analysis for the years 2010 to 2014 / João Gomes; Mónica Montenegro; Jorge Costa

40. Analíticos  

Consumer Goals in Vacation Decision Making / Alain Decrop, Metin Kozak

Autor: Decrop, Alain