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81. Analíticos  

Measurement of satisfaction with ICT services implementation and innovation in restaurantes (case study: Isfahan, Iran) / Neda Torabi Farsani [et al.]

82. Monografias  

UNWTO Gastronomy network : Action Plan 2016/2017 / OMT

Data Publicação: 2016

83. Analíticos  

Outcomes of destination marketing organization website navigation: The role of telepresence / Juwon Choi, Chihyung (Michael) Ok and Sooyoung Choi

Autor: Juwon, Choi

84. Analíticos  

Forecasting city arrivals with Google Analytics / Ulrich Gunter and Irem Öder

Autor: Gunter, Ulrich

85. Analíticos  

Why seniors use mobile devices: applying an extended model of goal-directed behavior / Myung Ja Kim and Michael W. Preis

Autor: Myung-Ja, Kim

86. Analíticos  

How do destination management organization-led postings facilitate word-of-mouth communications in online tourist communities? A content analysis of China's 5 A - class tourist resort websites / Yongge Niu [et al.]

87. Analíticos  

Using twitter data for cruise tourism marketing and research / Seunghyun "Brian" Park, Chihyung "Michael" Ok and Bongsug "Kevin" Chae

Autor: Seunghyun, "Brian" Park

88. Analíticos  

Smartphone use in everyday life and travel / Dang wang, Zheng Xiang and Daniel R. Fesenmaier

Autor: Dan, Wang

89. Analíticos  

The influence of innovativeness on on-site smartphone use among American travelers: Implications for context-based push marketing / Iis P. Tussyadiah

Autor: Tussyadiah, Iis P.

90. Analíticos  

Está o seu website preparado para o mobile do primeiro mundo? / Nuno Pimenta

Autor: Pimenta, Nuno