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21. Analíticos  

The role of wisdom leadership in increasing job performance: Evidence from the Egyptian tourism sector / Ahmed Mohamed Elbaz and Mohamed Yacine Haddoud

Autor: Elbaz, Ahmed Mohamed

22. Analíticos  

Tourist agency as valorisation. Making Dharavi into a tourist attraction / Fabian Frenzel

Autor: Frenzel, Fabian

23. Analíticos  

Identifying the critical success factors and an optimal solution for mobile technology adoption in travel agencies / Sheng-Wei Lin

Autor: Sheng-Wei, Lin

24. Analíticos  

Turismo, caderno especial / Sandra M. Pinto, fot. Paulo Alexandrino

Autor: Pinto, Sandra M.

25. Monografias  

Guia de Apoio a agentes de viagem / Visit Portugal

26. Analíticos  

Overall perceived value 0of a tourism service delivered via different media: A cross-cultural perspective / Carmen M. Sabiote-Ortiz, Dolores M. Frías-Jamilena and J. Alberto Castañeda-García

Autor: Sabiote-Ortiz, Carmen M.

27. Analíticos  

The evolution of expectations of and attitudes toward online travel agencies over time / Hong-Youl Ha and Swinder Janda

Autor: Hong-Youl, Ha

28. Analíticos  

Using competing models to evaluate the role of environmental pressures in ecommerce adoption by small and medium sized travel agents in a developing country / Mohamed A. Abou-Shouk, Wai Mun Lim and Phil Megicks

Autor: Abou-Shouk, Mohamed

29. Analíticos  

Impacts of the entry of the Autonomous Republic of Crimeia into the Russian Federation on its tourism industry: An exploratory study / Stanislav Ivanov, Kateryna Idzhylova, Craig Webster

Autor: Ivanov, Stanislav

30. Analíticos  

Gender dynamics form an Arab perspectives: intercultural service encounters / Marryam Khan [et al.]