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11. Analíticos  

Hosting friends versus hosting relatives: is blood thicker than water / Mohammad S. Yousuf and Elisa Backer

12. Analíticos  

Understanding travelers' intentations to visit a short versus long-haul emerging vacation destination: the case of Chile / Constanza Bianchi, Sandra Milberg and Andres Cúneo

Autor: Bianchi, Constanza

13. Analíticos  

The power of persuasive communication to influence sustainable holiday choices: appealing to self-benefits and norms / Gerben Hardeman, Xavier Font and Jeroen Nawijn

Autor: Hardeman, Gerben

14. Analíticos  

Holiday travel, staycations, and subjective well-being / Jessica de Bloom [et al.]

15. Analíticos  

Understanding the proclivity of visiting friends and relatives (VFR) travel across family life cycle stages in Australia / Elisa Backer and David Lynch

Autor: Backer, Elisa

16. Analíticos  

Smartphone (dis)connectedness and vacation recovery / Ksenia Kirillova and Dan Wang

Autor: Kirillova, Ksenia

17. Analíticos  

The effect of co-creation experience on outcome variable / Elaine F. Mathis [et al.]

18. Analíticos  

The effects of a negative travel experience on tourists' decisional behavior / Anna Pavesi, William Gartner and Basak Denizci-Guillet

Autor: Pavesi, Anna

19. Analíticos  

Holiday bodies: Young women and their appearance / Jennie Small

Autor: Small, Jennie

20. Analíticos  

Travail et vacances: nouveaux rythmes, nouveaux lieux / Frantz Gault [et al.]