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21. Analíticos  

The impact of spring break behaviour: An integrated threat theory analysis of residents' prejudice / Carlos Monterrubio

Autor: Monterrubio, Juan Carlos

22. Analíticos  

Guilt-decreasing marketing appeals: The efficacy of vacation advertising on Chinese tourists / Girish Prayag and Isabella Soscia

Autor: Prayag, Girish

23. Analíticos  

An existential conceptualization of the vacation cycle / Ksenia Kirillova, Xinran Lehto

Autor: Kirillova, Ksenia

24. Analíticos  

Exploring aesthetic dimensions in nature-based tourist Experiences / Monica A. Breiby

Autor: Breiby, Monica A.

25. Analíticos  

Tourist experience at home – Israeli domestic tourism / Shalini Singh, Shaul Krakover

Autor: Singh, Shalini

26. Analíticos  

Tourisme en famille / Bruno Tamaillo [et al.]

27. Analíticos  

Intentions to use bike-sharing for holiday cycling: An application of the Theory of Planned Behavior / Sigal Kaplan [et al.]

28. Analíticos  

The meaning of rental second homes and places: the owners’ perspectives / Joana Afonso Dias [et al.]

29. Analíticos  

Territory impact on the performance of Spanish vacation hotels / Bartolomé Marco-Lajara [et al.]

30. Monografias  

ETC Snapshots – Travel Segments- Youth / ETC- European Travel Commission

Data Publicação: 2014