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101. Analíticos  

The impact of family life cycle on the vacation decision-making process / Dale Fodness

Autor: Fodness, Dale

102. Analíticos  

Factors affecting time spent by near-home tourists in city destinations / Bahram Dadgostar, Robert M. Isotalo

Autor: Dadgostar, Bahram

103. Analíticos  

Inquiry conversion and travel advertising effectiveness / Donald J. Messmer, Robert R. Johnson

Autor: Messmer, Donald J.

104. Analíticos  

Tourism planning, people and the environment in western Autralia / Ross K. Dowling

Autor: Dowling, Ross K.

105. Analíticos  

Marketing research theory and methodology and the tourism industry : a nontechnical discussion / Kenneth G. Baker, George C. Hozier Jr., Robert D. Rogers

Autor: Baker, Kenneth G.

106. Analíticos  

Corporate travel in the USA : Characteristics of managers and departments / Alastair M. Morrison, Kelly A. Ladig, Sheauhsing Hsieh

Autor: Morrison, Alastair M.

107. Analíticos  

Testing the external validity of hierarchical conjoint analysis models of recreational destination choice / Jordan J. Louviere, Harry J. P. Timmermans

Autor: Louviere, Jordan J

108. Analíticos  

Empowerment : a study of general managers of four star hotel properties in the UK / Peter Jones, Abbey Davies

Autor: Jones, Peter

109. Analíticos  

Propositions for testing social exchange theory in the context of ceasing leisure participation / Mark S. Searle

Autor: Searle, Mark S.

110. Analíticos  

Past experience and future tourism decisions / David Mazursky

Autor: Mazursky, David