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21. Analíticos  

Protected Areas in a neoliberal world and the role of tourism in supporting conservation and sustainable development: an assessment of strategic planning, zoning, impact monitoring, and tourism management at natural World Heritage Sites / Hubert Job, Susanne Becken and Bernard Lane

Autor: Job, Hubert

22. Analíticos  

Assessing the recreational value of world heritage site inscription: a longitudinal travel cost analysis of Mount Fuji Climbers / Thomas E. Jones, Yang Yang and Kiyotatsu Yamamoto

Autor: Jones, Thomas

23. Analíticos  

Barbarians in India. Tourism as moral contamination / Natalia Bloch

Autor: Bloch, Natalia

24. Analíticos  

Museo Casa Natal de Cervantes en Alcalá de Henares: un icono para el turismo cultural en una ciudad patrimonio mundial / Eusebio Bonilla e Aránzazu Urbina

Autor: Bonilla, Eusebio

25. Analíticos  

The importance of water clarity to Great Barrier Reef tourists and their willingness to pay to improve it / Marina Farr [et al.]

26. Analíticos  

Understanding tourist space at a historic site through space syntax analysis: the case of Gulangyu, China / Yuan Li [et al.]

27. Analíticos  

Heritage tourism and livelihood sustainability of a resettled rural community: Mount Sanqingshan World Heritage Site, China / Ming Ming Su, Geoffrey Wall and Keijian Xu

Autor: Ming, Ming Su

28. Analíticos  

Profiling the heritage experience in Macao's historic center / Wantanee Suntikul and Timothy Jachna

Autor: Wantanee, Suntikul

29. Analíticos  

How access transport mode to a World Heritage City affects visitors' experienced quality / Juan Carlos Martin [et al.]

30. Analíticos  

Symbolic, experiential and functional consumptions of heritage tourism destinations: the case of Angkor World Heritage Site, Cambodia / Ching-Fu Chen, Anna Leask and Sambath Phou

Autor: Ching-Fu, Chen